Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Gemma, 30

Last year I reached a point where my confidence was so low and every photo I saw of me was making it worse. I was disgusted with myself for letting it get to that point.

I’ve lost weight, improved my sleep and diet, and found my confidence again.

I couldn’t have done it without the Urban Training team!

Ian, 65

After having a minor heart attack I was advised to lose weight and get fitter. A friend recommended Urban Training, and after a few months the weight was dropping off. 

I never thought at 65 I would be so fit, and I am no longer ashamed to look in the mirror.

Heartily recommended.

Sharon, 39

I can’t thank Urban Training enough for the guidance and support they have given me.

I have lost weight, I’m back in my skinny jeans, and I am feeling confident again.

I wouldn’t have achieved this without their coaching! I highly recommend Urban Training for your training needs!

Emma, 40

The help Urban Training have given me is amazing. It is the confidence and self belief that comes with training with them that is the most noticeable difference, achieving much more than I ever thought I could.

Their dedication is second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

Arwyn, 27

I started training with Urban Training when I was over 120kg, we have now managed to get my weight down to 88kg.​

They taught me the importance of nutrition – It helped me to finally build a good relationship with food.

I can’t recommend Urban Training enough.

Stephanie, 44

What Urban Training have helped me do is nothing short of amazing. I have achieved more than I ever dreamed of and lost 123lbs!

They are extremely knowledgeable and are dedicated to all of their clients. I really can’t recommend Urban Trainings services enough.

Chelle, 30

I can tell that Urban Training actually care. That is the best part. I didn’t think i’d be anywhere near where I am now – I am 5 dress sizes down from where I started!

My mental health has also improved, and I have more confidence. All of this is down to Urban Training, I couldn’t have done it without them.

Alison, 40

I joined Urban Training PT at the start of lockdown when my gym closed and found it to be a great programme tailored to my needs. The functionality of the online site was brilliant and the workouts were varied, which made me look forward to doing them. I am very grateful to the whole team.

Jess, 36

I would highly recommend Urban Training. Not only for the increased fitness levels, but for the health and mental benefits also. I personally feel they concentrate on your individual needs, which is something other trainers don’t take into account. If you’re looking for a trainer then don’t second guess getting in contact 🙂

Jemma, 35

Urban Training really provide you with a sense of community in their classes and PT sessions. The training from them is top notch and they always takes the time to understand exactly what you want/need. Take the step, you really won’t regret doing a PT session with Urban Training!

Karen, 41

Since working with Urban Training, my confidence and strength has increased massively. We follow a structured programme that allows me to progress my workouts and ensures I never get bored with my training. I would definitely recommend Urban Training to anyone!

Dave, 47

I trained with Urban Training over a couple of years and would recommend them to anyone. Their approach, and their professional attitude, is all centred around motivation and expertise. They genuinely care about their clients development and put so much effort into helping them identify and pursue their own goals. Whether you’re looking for a training programme or the full pt I cannot recommend urban enough!!

Ross, 40

A year and 20kg lighter, big thanks to Urban Training for all their help and support; as well as putting up with me!

Iona, 24

Thanks so much for all your support, I really couldn't have done it without you. Urban Training believed in me when I hit rock bottom and I am so so glad I joined your community when I did. The best decision I have ever made!

Salma, 32

I have been working with Urban Training for just under a year and the results have been amazing. They have kept me motivated and encouraged me throughout the whole process (and even put up with my moaning) I feel more confident in how I look and have dropped a dress size. Amazing PT's, would definitely recommend

Anette, 32

I definitely recommend UT to everyone who wants to get fitter and healthier or just needs the extra push to achieve it. The trainers are very professional and listen to everyone’s needs!

Sarah, 39

I would highly recommend UT to anyone regardless of age, fitness or personal goal. They are very encouraging, knowledgeable and most importantly they make exercise fun, being around them is definitely not a chore!

Lisa, 41

I highly recommend Urban Training! They are very professional, motivating & supportive during this time. You can really tell that this is more than just a job for them, they really do care!

Amanda, 27

Literally can’t thank these guys enough! Incredibly knowledgeable, super friendly, motivational and extremely patient. Both group and individual sessions to suit your preference – absolute life changer. Thank you so much!

Client Events and Challenges

Autumn Wolf Run, 2019

Scafell Pike and Camp, 2019

Tough Mudder, 2019

Carding Mill Valley Walk, 2019

Spring Wolf Run, 2018

Snowdon Walk & Camping, 2018

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